GK BP is a widget prepared especially for this theme and our brand-new GK Grid widget. We recommend to use this widget only inside the GK Gridk widget.

The widget is very simple to configure:



Content type – specifies if the widget will search for status updates or photos.

Data source – specifies if the widget will search in all BuddyPress activities or only in the feed of one specific user.

User ID – if the data source option is set for one specified user in this option you can specify which user will it be.

Offset – you can select using this option second, third, fourth etc. status from the feeds.

Display avatar – you can enable/disable showing the avatar which will take 50% of the widget width.

Avatar position – you can specify the position of the avatar

Show read more – you can enable/disable showing the read more button under the status text. Then the status text won’t contain a link to the author profile.

Show username – you can enable/disable showing of the status author username.

Read more text – specifies a text used in the read more button. If blank, then the phrase from the language file will be used.

Text limit (words) – specifies how many words can contain the longest status text.


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